User opinion based organisation and services of university libraries in Rajasthan: A practical study

P.C. Vijayvegiya, Ramakesh Meena, and P.L. Sharma (pp. 391-412)
University libraries have to provide its services definitely in an environment which is surrounded by all types of academic communities. Such academic communities consist of Faculty Members, post-graduate students, research students, as well as group of other types of users. Members of such groups differ greatly in terms of their requirement of information and their mental status. All these variables pose a high level challenge, which is faced by staff working in any university library that itself is controlled by their qualifications, capability and individual qualities. This leads to changes/variance in principles of management and practical situations in university libraries. Out of the staff, the librarian, specially the main librarian who also acts as manager of the library has to work independently, and also in coordination in existing environment of the library. Conclusion that parameter of total library services by the administrative officers is 3.07, and they find it good. Faculty members put it at 2.77, and rate it at little above the level of satisfactory and good. Researchers keep it at 2.07, and rate it at satisfactory level and lastly the students treat it at more than satisfactory level and as 2.23.