ICT integration for sustainable development of Nigerian academic libraries: Issues and challenges

Aina Adebowale Japhet, Okunnu Hamid Olumide, and Dapa-Asaju H.S. (pp. 334-335)
State that effectiveness of library services now largely depends upon the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the libraries that have the necessary infrastructural capabilities can tap for their development. The integration of ICTs for library services presents enormous challenges and opportunities to librarians, information professional and users. Presents a relatively detailed issues and challenges of the impact and use of ICTs for sustainable development of Nigeria library services in the context of globalization. It is hoped that when libraries are fully ICT compliant, it will increase access, improve skill and services, offering new learning experience to both librarians and students, encourage resource sharing with other institutions and reduce the handling and use of fragile or heavily used original materials among other reasons