Evaluation of online dictionaries in selected subjects of social science and physical science disciplines

Vinay Kumar D., Swathi S.B., Swetha S.R. and Sanchaya K.R. (pp. 212-229)
Traces out the results of evaluation of online dictionaries of selected subjects in Social Science and Physical science disciplines. A total of 172 online dictionaries from 7 subjects were evaluated based on the predetermined criteria. Study found that 87.21% of online dictionaries are found relevant. It is also interesting to note that26.74% of dictionaries have author as the authority and the rest have publishers and email addresses as authority. Alphabetical arrangement is common among the online dictionaries. The study also tries to give emphasis on the availability of multimedia features, hit counters and copyright statement. The time taken to load the web pages of online dictionaries and the size of the home pages were also calculated from ping.com a free application software and results were presented. Suggestions are also given to strength the existing online dictionaries of selected subjects.