Negative exchanges between staff and patrons of academic library: Reflections on reader services at the University of Ghana Central Library (The Balme Library)

Daniel Opaku (pp. 108-118)
Seeks to find out the sources of tension with regard to service provision that often results in negative exchanges between the library patron and staff It also examines the methods and strategies that could be adopted for “service recovery ” and handling of patron complaints. Adopted a survey research design using both questionnaire and interview techniques. A time-use study was also conducted during which the activities and services of the Reader Service Staff, and their interaction with the library patrons were repeatedly observed. Revealed that more than half165(63%) of patrons have had a bad service experience in one form or another. Factors that trigger negative exchanges include absence of general service guidelines, delays in meeting patron requests, lack of positive attitude for exceptional customer service, as well as incivility, etiquette and decorum on the part of both patron and staff.