Impact of the workplaces on the design and development of information science curriculum: A case study of Mahasarakham University, Thailand

Laksana Thaotip, Ruethai Nimnoi and Phatthira Suwannako (pp. 27-34)
Present results from survey research with objective to study the satisfaction level of workplace that accept students from Division of Information Science, Mahasarakham University as apprentice to improve their knowledge and abilities. Population and sample group of this survey research are fifty-five organizations that accepted students as an apprentice during 2011-2012. The returned questionnaire from thirty-seven organizations (67.27%), have been analyzed using basic statistics i.e., percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results shows that the workplaces are highly satisfied with the Information Science students apprentice, with scores in academic section (X = 3.96),implementation section (X =4.02),and personality section (X =4.32). This study has shown an interesting point that Library and Information Science institutions nowadays require more from Information Science students than just their field of studies but also those with digital information management for implementation in Institution Repository (IR), Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) and Electronic Publishing. Also, one of the essential skills for Information Science student is English language and communication skill.