Volume 3; Issue 1 (September 2013)


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Critical pedagogy and informational literacy in higher education: A theoretical approach by Jose Luis Evangelista-Marquez and Javier Tarango (pp. 1-14)


Exploring the concept of local studies centers: The common and unique characteristics of local studies centers in the Philippines by Martin Julius V. Perez (pp. 15-26)


Impact of the workplaces on the design and development of information science curriculum: A case study of Mahasarakham University, Thailand by Laksana Thaotip, Ruethai Nimnoi and Phatthira Suwannako (pp. 27-34)


Information literacy programme: 30 years experience of Manipur University Library by Chingsubam Bijenti Chanu and Charoibam Ibohal Singh (pp. 35-46)


Research productivity of scientists of Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital: A study by Prasant Kumar, Satish Kumar and Arjun Singh (pp. 47-61)


Journal citations in horticulture doctoral dissertations (1991-2010): A case study by Santosh Kumar Tunga (pp. 62-78)



Report on ‘Conference of Cataloging Rules in the 21st Century, Cairo, Egypt 1-3 April 2013’; Organised by the Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information by Mahmoud Khalifa (pp. 79-82)