Measuring library effectiveness in VTU Research Centers in Karnataka: A study

Chandrashekara J. and Adithya Kumari H.
Focuses on the effectiveness of measures taken at 82 research centers libraries of VTU, Karnataka. The effectiveness with regard to the various methods adopted to acquire required information resources, use of library budget, maintenance of library stack, managing periodical and reference section, internet centers are also discussed. Further, methods adopted to collect use feedback and maintain good interpersonal relationship with user were analyzed. It was found that there are 65 (79.3%) librarians are effectively using the method of consulting recommended books in the syllabus and 67 (81.7%) librarians manage the periodical section effectively current periodicals are to be regularly displayed in the library. According to the opinion of 75 (91.5%) librarians' effective method to make better use of internet center is to maintain and update the computer systems in the libraries. Further, there are 50 (61.0%) librarians who are using checklist as effective method in collecting user feedback about activities and program offered in their libraries and 71 (86.6%) librarians opine that the use checklist method effectively to maintain good interpersonal relationship with users of their librarians.