Printing paper usage patterns of students, staff and faculty members of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai: A survey

Anand Dodamani
Presents the findings of a survey on 'Printing Paper Usage Patterns of Students, Staff and Faculty Members of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai'. The study was undertaken with an objective to know the printing paper usage patterns of the TISS community, Mumbai. The study also aimed to create awareness among the TISS community members about the better use of the paper which is considered as a precious resource. Discusses various suggestions and ideas obtained from the respondents to reduce the wastage and undue use of paper for printing purposes in the TISS campus. A survey method was adopted to carry out the study. To obtain the data at a faster rate, a web survey tool was used. Concludes that non-acceptance of documents in digital form by educational institutes is the biggest contributing factor for an increased use of paper for printing in the educational campuses. The study discovered that availability of information resources in digital form have not in fact reduced the use of paper. The study also revealed that possession of good IT skills by the majority of TISS community has helped them in reducing the undue use of paper