Indian chemical literature (1907-2005): Activity and growth

S.L. Sangam and Meera
Deals with the scientometric study of Indian Chemical Science literature. SCI Finder Scholar-Chemical Abstract Online has been used as source database. The analysis shows that the relative growth rate (GR) of world output decreases gradually from 0.852 to 0.115 except in the data set year 1927-1931 (0.444). The mean GR & D for the world is 0.2968 and 5.1751 respectively. Indian output also decreases gradually from 0.64 to 0.155 except in the dataset 1942-1946 (1.252) and 1967-1971 (1.075). The mean GR and D for Indian output is 0.5016 and 3.93 78. The activity index of India indicates that the research efforts of India was lower than the worlds' average in the field during 1907-1911 (2.025), 1912-1916 (1.359), even less than 1 duringl922 -1926 (0.672) to 1937-1941 (0.459) and later picked higher than the world's in the years 1972-1976 (104.488) to 2002-2004 (132.199). Activity index has become almost double in the year 1967-1971 (40.87 to 98.72). The subject wise distribution of articles in five major branches of Chemistry since 1980 to 2005 shows that the total Indian output for this period is 401329 out of which Biochemistry (BIO) accounts for 104047 (25.95%), Physical, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry for 102974 (25.65%), Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for 63883 (15.91%), Organic Chemistry for 37765 (9.41%) and Macromolecular Chemistry for 26425 (6.58%). While there were 66235 (16.50% of total output under study) articles which were not indexed in any of the five fields, So these were kept in a different field as General Chemistry.