MARC 21 is not the last step for communication format

Laksman Sarkar
States that proliferation of information and its embodiment in different form and format, the increased demand for information by the users as per their demand through varied types of services have necessitated each library to go beyond its four wall to cater the endless needs. But natural is that a librarian has to seek help from other libraries when certain document may be available which he could not acquire himself It becomes therefore imperative for the Libraries to adopt a uniform communication format irrespective of region. The MARC 21 format is a standards for the representation and communication of bibliographic and related information in machine readable form. Evaluates the success of the MARC 21 in respect of all types of catalogue for all the documents with the help of AACR2R. Whether there exist any drawbacks and if yes then what type of drawbacks exist in respect of cataloguing. Whether MARC 21 follow all the rules and regulations in case ofAACR2R. Examines the problems which are sorted into 1) problems that are not the fault of MARC21; 2) problems that perhaps are not problems at all; 3) problems connected with the current shared cataloguing environment and other problems.