Information literacy among public library users with special reference to the T.S. Central State Library, Chandigarh

Suman Lata and Sanjeev Sharma
Explores the information literacy competency of the users of the T. S. Central State Library Chandigarh. All the users were able to identify and specify their information need. Out of 88 users, 68 (77.27%) were aware that dictionary is the best source to find the meaning of a word. 55 (62.50%) users were aware that a directory is the accurate source to locate the addresses and telephone numbers. Only 36 (40.90%) users were aware that an encyclopedia is the best source for locating basic background information on a topic. Only 16 (18.18%) and 12 (13.64%) users were very confident in accessing and evaluating information in print & electronic format Boolean operators were used by only 8 (9.09%) users. A majority of the respondents lacked the awareness about the shelf arrangement, bibliography and information search method. Thus their information retrieval skills were very low for searching required information from the sources. Only 18 (20.45%) users were very satisfied and 26 (29.54%) were satisfied with the present library orientation.