Volume 2; Issue 1 (September 2012)


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Perspectives of LIS professionals on information and communication technologies (ICTs) by K.S. Sivakumaren, V. Geetha, B.Jeyapragash and S.Gopalakrishnan (pp. 1-13)

Selected home pages of Union Government of India: An evaluative study by A. Selvaraja, G.K. Chendru and Y. Venkatesha (pp. 14-27)

Information seeking behaviour of medical practitioner’s: A case study by Raj Kumar Singh (pp. 28-44)

Information literacy among public library users with special reference to the T.S. Central State Library, Chandigarh by Suman Lata and Sanjeev Sharma (pp. 45-60)

Has the on-line resources changed the traditional services of IITs Library? by Navin Upadhyay and H.N. Prasad (pp. 61-75)

Annals of Library and Information Studies: A bibliometric study by Rakhi Singh and Rajani Mishra (pp. 76-86)

Use and awareness of internet at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore: A study by G.H. Hemantha Kumar and N. Subramanyam (pp. 87-97)

On-line information sources in law: An overview by Purnima Joshi (pp. 98-110)