Beyond web 2.0: Semantic web and it’s influence in library services

John Paul Anbu K. and Sridevi Jetty
States that Web 2.0 applications have drastically transformed the knowledge and information dissemination channels and have also changed the mindset of information seekers. While there is no doubt that the libraries struggle to cope with the changes looming the library horizon many libraries have incorporated the advancements of current innovations and provide services that skillfully make use of the current technology. Services like content enrichment service, digital reference service and the recent advancements in Online Public Access Catalogues (OPAC) prove beyond doubt that the information scientists are working overtime to deliver the advancements of the web. With the current web nearing its run time the future of the information services at the dawn of the newer web technologies seem to be in the quandary. The concept of semantic web is clearly seen as the next major advancement in the web technologies. Examines the various advancements achieved through the web 2.0 technologies especially in the libraries and information centers and goes further to analyse the challenges that lie ahead and the opportunities it has created for the information professionals at the wake of semantic web technologies.