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Special libraries collection development in Karnataka: A study of selection policies and procedures

Selvaraja A. and P. Sarasvathy (pp. 169-187)
States that developments of new technologies for the storage of information have brought a change of thinking in future collection policies and procedures. Discusses the policies and procedures of collection development of resources in the special libraries in Karnataka. Further this study is limited to twelve R&D libraries of Bangalore and Mysore cities of Karnataka state. It also gives details about the collection of print and non-print resources and their growth from last five years. Further, explains about the selectors/recommender of the resources, selection tools used to acquire different sources, mode of purchasing, library committee and its members, collection development policy and its form also discussed. It highlights the parameters of collection development policy, selection of materials is based on the policy or not, frequency of stock verification conducted by the librarians and weeding out of library resources is identified. Finally, some suggestions have been given to improve the selection of resources for libraries.
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