Farmers Satisfaction

Farmer's satisfaction with information sources and services: A study on farmer's opinion

Ashish Kumar Sharma (pp. 346-359)
Aims to ascertain the awareness and satisfaction of farmers with regards to the availability of existing agricultural information services and programs. There are three possible ways as personal contact, group contact and mass contact through which farmers use to get their required information. Here, an attempt via questionnaire-based survey has been made to evaluate the ways of most satisfactory mode to get required information by farmers. Satisfaction percentage can be measured through various scaling technique by using different parameters. In present study, three scale parameters as 'maximum', 'average' and 'below average' have been use to measure the satisfaction value. Data reveals that elders/family members (337,84.25%) and friends/neighbours/relatives (209,52.25%) are common sources of information for farmers. This indicates that farmers rely on their friends or relative to get farming information. It has been found that maximum farmers get below average satisfaction through minikit, meetings, field days and agriculture tours. Reveals that these sources of information are less effective for empowerment of farmers in agricultural sector. Survey reveals that radio and television are two important and effective sources for information to farmers under mass contact category.
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