Higher Education

Information literacy programme: 30 years experience of Manipur University Library

Chingsubam Bijenti Chanu and Charoibam Ibohal Singh (pp. 35-46)
States that University library plays an important role in enhancing accessibility to knowledge resources to the users. University library exist to serve the needs of the university in providing knowledge resources. They have centrally positioned themselves in providing and implementing information literacy programme. They acquire, describe and make the information available to their users in a variety of formats, which may include print, audio, video and electronic formats. The present study has been taken up to assess the way how the Manipur University Library (MUL) conduct such programmes taking into account its 30 years of experience. For the collection of data pertaining to the study, Manipur University Library (MUL) has been taken as study area. Data were collected by means of face to face interview with the university librarian and his staff and scanning ofannual reports of the university. The study discussed the various information literacy programme (ILP) conducted by the library. It shows that, though in a slow pace, MUL library is conducting various ILP from time to time since its inception for providing better services in term of knowledge resources.
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