Volume 3; Issue 3 (March 2014)


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Mapping knowledge creation and research libraries by Barbara I. Dewey (pp. 239-250)


Chronological origin and development of Odia dictionaries (1811-2012) as a source of reference and information services: A critical analysis by Sudhir Kumar Beura and Pitambara Padhi (pp. 251-267)


Role of career guidance section in university libraries of West Bengal: A comparative study by Laksman Sarkar, Sibsankar Jana and Sumanta Kumar Das (pp. 268-283)


Information seeking behavior of the nursing professionals of Apollo College of Nursing, Chennai by M. Grace and R. Jeyshankar (pp. 284-294)


Role of agriculture librarian's in electronic information access and management by Rajkumar Singh (pp. 295-305)


Marketing of information services and products: A survey of users attitude in Devi Ahilya University Library by P.S. Rajput (pp. 306-318)


Job satisfaction among university library professionals of West Bengal by Arup Kumar Mondal, Amit Kumar Bandyopadhyay and Ali Ahammad Taher Hasan (pp. 319-330)



Modern Information Retrieval: The Concept and Technology Behind Search (2nd Edition) by Ricardo Baeze-Yates and Berthier Ribeiro Neto (2011) Reviewed by Akhilesh Yadav (pp. 331-333)