Volume 3; Issue 2 (December 2013)


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 An analytical study of Indian S&T Journals (2010) by Arvind Singh Kushwah, Divya Srivastava and Mona Gupta (pp. 83-94)


Use of N-List services by the faculty and students of University of Mysore constituent degree colleges in Mysore: A comparative study by Chikkamanju and G. Kiran Kumar (pp. 95-107)


Negative exchanges between staff and patrons of academic library: Reflections on reader services at the University of Ghana Central Library (The Balme Library) by Daniel Opaku (pp. 108-118)


A scientometric study of the research performance during 2000-2009 of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Punjab-India: A case study by Amit Thapar and K.P.S. Sengar (pp. 119-140)


Use of electronic resources: A study of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi by Pravin Kumar Singh and H.N. Prasad (pp. 141-168)


Special libraries collection development in Karnataka: A study of selection policies and procedures by Selvaraja A. and P. Sarasvathy (pp. 169-187)


Trends in eCollection development in academic libraries: A study by C. Sasikala, G. Nagaratnamani and V. Dhanraju (pp. 188-205)


Book Sprint: A tool for co-authoring and documentation by Veeresh H. Awari and Chandra G.K. (pp. 206-211)


Evaluation of online dictionaries in selected subjects of social science and physical science disciplines by Vinay Kumar D., Swathi S.B., Swetha S.R. and Sanchaya K.R. (pp. 212-229)