Volume 3

Volume 3; Issue 4 (June 2014)


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ICT integration for sustainable development of Nigerian academic libraries: Issues and challenges by Aina Adebowale Japhet, Okunnu Hamid Olumide and Dapa-Asaju H.S. (pp. 334-335)


Farmer's satisfaction with information sources and services: A study on farmer's opinion by Ashish Kumar Sharma (pp. 346-359)


Automatic indexing of text documents: Essential criteria proposal by Graciane Silva Bruzinga Borges, Gercina Angela Borem de Oliveira Lima (pp. 360-379)


Indian research going global: A study on the status of open access publishing by Mohamed Hanif Nashipudi and B. Ravi (pp. 380-390)


User opinion based organisation and services of university libraries in Rajasthan: A practical study by P.C. Vijayvegiya, Ramakesh Meena and P.L. Sharma (pp. 391-412)


Awarenes of digital preservation strategies by librarians in Nigeria by Sambo Atanda Saliu Cln, Saturday U. Omeluzor Mirm, and Usman A. Saliu Cln (pp. 413-427)


Volume 3; Issue 3 (March 2014)


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Mapping knowledge creation and research libraries by Barbara I. Dewey (pp. 239-250)


Chronological origin and development of Odia dictionaries (1811-2012) as a source of reference and information services: A critical analysis by Sudhir Kumar Beura and Pitambara Padhi (pp. 251-267)


Role of career guidance section in university libraries of West Bengal: A comparative study by Laksman Sarkar, Sibsankar Jana and Sumanta Kumar Das (pp. 268-283)


Information seeking behavior of the nursing professionals of Apollo College of Nursing, Chennai by M. Grace and R. Jeyshankar (pp. 284-294)


Role of agriculture librarian's in electronic information access and management by Rajkumar Singh (pp. 295-305)


Marketing of information services and products: A survey of users attitude in Devi Ahilya University Library by P.S. Rajput (pp. 306-318)


Job satisfaction among university library professionals of West Bengal by Arup Kumar Mondal, Amit Kumar Bandyopadhyay and Ali Ahammad Taher Hasan (pp. 319-330)



Modern Information Retrieval: The Concept and Technology Behind Search (2nd Edition) by Ricardo Baeze-Yates and Berthier Ribeiro Neto (2011) Reviewed by Akhilesh Yadav (pp. 331-333)

Volume 3; Issue 2 (December 2013)


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 An analytical study of Indian S&T Journals (2010) by Arvind Singh Kushwah, Divya Srivastava and Mona Gupta (pp. 83-94)


Use of N-List services by the faculty and students of University of Mysore constituent degree colleges in Mysore: A comparative study by Chikkamanju and G. Kiran Kumar (pp. 95-107)


Negative exchanges between staff and patrons of academic library: Reflections on reader services at the University of Ghana Central Library (The Balme Library) by Daniel Opaku (pp. 108-118)


A scientometric study of the research performance during 2000-2009 of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Punjab-India: A case study by Amit Thapar and K.P.S. Sengar (pp. 119-140)


Use of electronic resources: A study of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi by Pravin Kumar Singh and H.N. Prasad (pp. 141-168)


Special libraries collection development in Karnataka: A study of selection policies and procedures by Selvaraja A. and P. Sarasvathy (pp. 169-187)


Trends in eCollection development in academic libraries: A study by C. Sasikala, G. Nagaratnamani and V. Dhanraju (pp. 188-205)


Book Sprint: A tool for co-authoring and documentation by Veeresh H. Awari and Chandra G.K. (pp. 206-211)


Evaluation of online dictionaries in selected subjects of social science and physical science disciplines by Vinay Kumar D., Swathi S.B., Swetha S.R. and Sanchaya K.R. (pp. 212-229)


Volume 3; Issue 1 (September 2013)


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Critical pedagogy and informational literacy in higher education: A theoretical approach by Jose Luis Evangelista-Marquez and Javier Tarango (pp. 1-14)


Exploring the concept of local studies centers: The common and unique characteristics of local studies centers in the Philippines by Martin Julius V. Perez (pp. 15-26)


Impact of the workplaces on the design and development of information science curriculum: A case study of Mahasarakham University, Thailand by Laksana Thaotip, Ruethai Nimnoi and Phatthira Suwannako (pp. 27-34)


Information literacy programme: 30 years experience of Manipur University Library by Chingsubam Bijenti Chanu and Charoibam Ibohal Singh (pp. 35-46)


Research productivity of scientists of Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital: A study by Prasant Kumar, Satish Kumar and Arjun Singh (pp. 47-61)


Journal citations in horticulture doctoral dissertations (1991-2010): A case study by Santosh Kumar Tunga (pp. 62-78)



Report on ‘Conference of Cataloging Rules in the 21st Century, Cairo, Egypt 1-3 April 2013’; Organised by the Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information by Mahmoud Khalifa (pp. 79-82)