Volume 1

Volume 1; Issue 4 (June, 2012)


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  ICT literacy competency of under graduate agricultural students of Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology: A study by Rabindra K. Mahapatra (pp. 1-12)


  Citation analysis of doctoral dissertation submitted to Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola in agronomy and botany by Prashant P. Deshmukh (pp. 13-24)


  Impact of web 2.0 on resource description by Laksman Sarkar (pp. 25-40)


  Digital library education at SHPT School of Library Science, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai by Parul Zaveri (pp. 41-51)


  Promotion of reading habits: Using repository library as a tool by A.N. Joshi, P.V. Konnur and T.A. Mohan (pp. 52-59)


  Weeding-out of library collection: A case study of IIT Delhi by Neeraj Kumar Chaurasia and Pankaj Chaurasia (pp. 60-71)


An evaluative study of automated serials control system in Central Library, IIT Delhi; P.K. Kelkar Library, IIT Kanpur and Allama Iqbal Library, Kashmir University by Hilal Ahmad, Muzamil Mushtaq and Sheikh Mohd Imran (pp. 72-84)


  Application of cloud computing in Nirma University Libraries: User service model by Jayshree Pandya and Pradipsinh Chudasma (pp. 85-95)


  Users’ assessment as regards Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar University (BBAU) library’s effectiveness and efficiency by Abdul Mannan Khan (pp. 96-113)



  Practical Cataloguing: AACR, RDA and MARC 21, by Anne Welsh and Sue Batley (2012), Reviewed by Ajay Kumar (p. 114)

ICT based Information Management in Indian Libraries: Festschrift in Honour of Prof. K.C. Sahoo, Edited by R.G. Prasher and R.K. Sharma (2012), Reviewed by Vivekanand Jain (p. 115)

Volume 1; Issue 3 (March, 2012)


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University undergraduate students’ attitudes towards use of the internet in Nigeria by Abraham Tabor Etubu and Iroroeavwo Achugbue (pp. 1-11)


Status of internet literacy and internet usage pattern amongst Assam University library users for accessing e-resources/web resources: A survey by Manoj Kumar Sinha (pp. 12-31)


Impact of institutional repository on academic faternity of North-Eastern Hill University by Nirmali Chakraborty (pp. 32-41)


Special information center for visually impaired persons: A case study by Madhuri V. Tikam and Antonette Lobo (pp. 42-49)


Library and information science education in india under open and distance mode: A SWOT analysis by Sambhu Nath Halder (pp. 50-59)


  Citation analysis of doctoral research in LIS in Bundelkhand University by Jyoti Gupta (pp. 60-68)


  Use of e-journals by IIT Delhi and Delhi University library users by Faizul Nisha and Naushad Ali P.M. (pp. 69-81)


Conservation and preservation of rare collection of manuscripts: A study of Rampur Raza Library by Balbir Kaur Pandher (pp. 82-87)


Investigating ICT skill levels and the information use pattern of college students: A case study by R. Jerry Arokyamary and C.P. Ramasesh (pp. 88-95)


Benefits and usage of CeRA: An e-resource sharing and network consortium of UAS-Bengaluru by G.H. Hemantha Kumar and V. Srinivas (pp. 96-109)


Use of e-journals by students and faculty of Punjab Engineering College, Chandigar, India by Seema Parmar (pp. 110-118)



Computer & Soochna Prabandh, by Anurag Chaubey and Sudhir Kumar Shukla (2010) Reviewed by Ajay Kumar (p. 119)

E-librarian Service: User-Friendly Semantic Search in Digital Libraries, by Serge Linckels and Christoph Meinel (2011) Reviewed by Shriram Pandey and Shweta Pandey (p. 120)

Volume 1; Issue 2 (December, 2011)


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Scientometric analysis of chemical science journals by S.L. Sangam and Meera (pp. 1-14)


Bibliometric analysis of the citations of doctoral theses in chemistry submitted to the North Bengal University: An in-depth study by Md. Ziaur Rahman and Udayan Bhattacharya (pp. 15-26)


Electronic information resources and undergraduate users’ patronage in University of Lagos Library: A survey by Ngozi B. Ukachi (pp. 27-38)


Information seeking behaviour of library users at Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), India by Prashant Kumar and Surjeet Kumar (pp. 39-48)


Assessment of open source software (OSS) training among LIS professionals working in engineering institutions by B. Jeyapragash, V. Geetha, K.S. Sivakumaren and S. Gopalkrishnan (pp. 49-58)


Impact of LIS education on the work and career of LIS graduates of SNDT Women’s University, India by Jyoti Bhabal (pp. 59-77)


Lost on web: Retrieval issues with web information by Aditya Tripathi (pp. 78-85)


User awareness and use of online journals at the Annamalai University Library: A survey by S. Thanuskodi (pp. 86-96)


Library education in Eritrea (North East Africa) by Yogesh Bajpai (pp. 97-102)


Millennium development goals, information literacy and young women empowerment: The role of NGO resource centre in Nigeria by Stella Ngozi Ifeoma Anasi and Ngozi Blessing Ukachi (pp. 103-115)



Report on National Seminar on Making Library Service Reach to the Unreached 28-29 October, 2010, Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal, India by Ch. Ibohal Singh (pp. 116-123)


Benchmarks in ICT Applications in LIS Practices, by M.S. Rana, D.C. Ojha and N.K. Swain (2011) Reviewed by Anil Kumar Jharotia (p. 124)

Information Needs and Users, by H.N. Prasad (2012) Reviewed by V.K. Mishra (p. 125)

Volume 1; Issue 1 (September 2011)


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What’s missing from Google books? by Michele Seikel and Thomas Steele (pp. 1-6)


Beyond web 2.0: Semantic web and it’s influence in library services by John Paul Anbu K. and Sridevi Jetty (pp. 7-14)

Virtual reference services at the Main Library of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A case study by Md. Safiqur Rahaman and Khadeeja Ansari (pp. 15-28)


Self-archiving in open access institutional repositories: Whose court is the ball in? by Rupak Chakravarty (pp. 29-36)


Current trend and development of institutional repositories in India by Rashmi Rekha Gohain (pp. 37-56)


Information literacy competency among the post-graduate students: A case study by Madhusoodanan C. and A.K. Baradol (pp. 57-69)


Reading and library usage habits of the college students by Fayaz Ahmad Loan (pp. 70-82)


Preservation and access to manuscript heritage in India by Ramesh C. Gaur (pp. 83-98)


A bibliometric analysis of the ‘IFLA Journal’ during 2006-2010 by Akhtar Hussain and Nishat Fatima (pp. 99-110)


Development of Indian agricultural libraries from NATP to NAIP with special reference to information and communication technology applications by Sunil Goria (pp. 111-125)



The Philosophy of Software: Code and Mediation in the Digital Age, by David M. Berry (2011) Reviewed by V.K. Mishra (p. 126)

Creating the Customer-Driven Library: Building on the Bookstore Model, by Jeannette Woodward (2009) Reviewed by Ajay Kumar (p.127)