Volume 3; Issue 4 (June 2014)


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ICT integration for sustainable development of Nigerian academic libraries: Issues and challenges by Aina Adebowale Japhet, Okunnu Hamid Olumide and Dapa-Asaju H.S. (pp. 334-335)


Farmer's satisfaction with information sources and services: A study on farmer's opinion by Ashish Kumar Sharma (pp. 346-359)


Automatic indexing of text documents: Essential criteria proposal by Graciane Silva Bruzinga Borges, Gercina Angela Borem de Oliveira Lima (pp. 360-379)


Indian research going global: A study on the status of open access publishing by Mohamed Hanif Nashipudi and B. Ravi (pp. 380-390)


User opinion based organisation and services of university libraries in Rajasthan: A practical study by P.C. Vijayvegiya, Ramakesh Meena and P.L. Sharma (pp. 391-412)


Awarenes of digital preservation strategies by librarians in Nigeria by Sambo Atanda Saliu Cln, Saturday U. Omeluzor Mirm, and Usman A. Saliu Cln (pp. 413-427)


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